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A probation sentence comes with a variety of different outcomes that vary from case to case. Severe consequences can be issued if a parole agreement is broken. One minor violation can negatively affect the sentencing of the accused. Do not allow yourself to continue to be a victim of the system. If you have been accused of breaking a probation agreement, you have the right to a representative to fight for you. 

James H. Bonner of Bonner Law is a highly skilled and experienced attorney ready to stand and successfully represent clients accused of probation violations. He is committed to represent your case at probation violation hearings and lift unlawful detainers. You are entitled to rights that can avoid jail sentences for the violation accused. If you seek someone to represent you for a probation violation or help lift detainers, call our office at 610-450-4555.

Your search for the right attorney is over. James H. Bonner is here to listen to your case and fight for you. Our attorney will work to understand your case and work diligently and invest in you. Contact Bonner Law today and schedule a free consultation with James H. Bonner, or fill out the form on this site.

What are the types of parole violations?

The state of Philadelphia has two types of probation violations, including technical and direct violations. 

technical violation of probation refers to when a defendant fails to provide a regular drug test, work service, or report to an assigned probation officer. In this case, it’s up to the probation officer to determine if they’d like to report a technical parole violation or not. If a defendant is reported, potential jail time or other severe consequences can be faced. The parolee has a right to a hearing where the judge has the power to re-sentence the defendant or increase probational terms.

Direct violations of probation refer to when a parolee is convicted of a new offense. This violation can be more critical since a defendant has already been convicted of a crime and is serving time. Direct violations will result in the defendant being arrested, charged with the offense, and potentially receiving additional terms. 

Defendants should exercise their right to an attorney by having an experienced attorney fight for them. The right attorney can change the outcome of the hearing in your favor.

What are the types of hearing in probation cases?

Gagnon I and Gagnon II are two types of hearing in violation of parole cases. Gagnon I is e referred to as a preliminary hearing. This hearing will determine if a defendant will be in police custody until their final hearing with a judge. The defendant has a right to an attorney at this hearing that can fight to lift the detainer. A Gagnon I hearing must occur within 7-10 days of the reported incident. 

A Gagnon II hearing proceeds Gagnon I and is when the defendant is placed in front of the judge and is ruled either guilty or not guilty for parole violation. This is a formal hearing for the probation violation. Before this hearing, defendants and their attorneys are made aware of allegations. The judge must determine the violation that was made and what the consequences for the violation will be. An experienced and professional defense attorney is vital in these circumstances as they provide guidance on how to fight any charges against the defendant and work in their favor. The Gagon II hearing is held within thirty days of the first hearing. 

How Can Detainers be Lifted?

Probation violations generally lead to detainers. Violations that lead to detainers have a high probability of spending time locked up. The supervising judge requests that authorities may not release the detainer orders until it is lifted. This circumstance is more severe as a defendant can be stuck in jail for months or even years without bail until the case is over. However, with the assistance of a qualified attorney, motions can be filed that can result in supervisor judges lifting the detainer.

James H. Bonner is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for your case and provide the judge with evidence of why the detainer should be lifted. After discussing your case, Bonner can gather vital proof and support to file a motion to lift the detainer successfully. If a defendant has already been found guilty of violations, we will work to gather evidence to support a reduced sentence.

You don’t fight the criminal justice system alone. As a defendant, you have the right to know your rights and avoid additional jail time. Contact James H. Bonner today to represent you.


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