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With around 2,500 cities operating in 67 counties, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has plenty of roads and highways for motorists to use. In fact, Pennsylvania roads and highways stretch for more than 120,000 miles, which means there are more than 120,000 miles of roads for car accidents to occur.

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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics for 2017

For the latest year of reporting, 2017 was an active year for Pennsylvania motor vehicle accidents. The Keystone State reported 128,188 car crashes that claimed the lives of 1,137 people, while injuring an addition 80,612 people. Since traffic statistics were first released in 1950, 2017 represented the 12th lowest number of motor vehicle accident deaths and injuries. Still, the problem of motor vehicle accidents on Pennsylvania roads and highways remains one of the most disturbing public health crises in the state.

How to Respond to a Motor Vehicle Accident in PA

A car crash happens in just a few seconds. However, the paperwork you submit and the phone calls you make with your insurance company can cover several weeks, if not a large number of months. You might need to file a report of a vehicle accident with your insurance company, the appropriate law enforcement agency, and the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. You must immediately stop operating your car and remain at the accident scene to exchange information with other drivers and/or to provide help for anyone that is injured. Failing to stop your car can result in a considerable fine and/or a lengthy prison sentence. If you hit a parked car, you must leave a note detailing your contact information.

Philadelphia police do not respond to minor vehicle accidents. Minor vehicle accidents are defined as no damage to people and personal property. When you call the appropriate law enforcement agency, provide the dispatcher with all your contact information, including your address and phone number. Stay on the phone until you receive instructions to hang it up.

How to File a Vehicle Accident Report in Pennsylvania

Here is how to file a Pennsylvania car crash report:

  • Acquire a copy of the state sanctioned accident report: Form AA-600
  • Name the city and road name/number where the accident happened
  • List the names of everyone involved in the accident
  • Add the license plate number and the insurance information for each driver
  • Include a rough sketch that diagrams the position and movement of each car involved in the crash
  • Present a short summation of what occurred, including a description of the weather conditions
You have five days to submit the vehicle accident report to the following address:

Pennsylvania DOT

Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering

PO Box 2047

Harrisburg, PA 17105

A Strong Advocate for His Clients

When you work with licensed personal injury attorney James H. Bonner, you are getting a highly experienced trial lawyer who work tirelessly to protect the rights of his clients. As a former insurance company defense attorney, James H. Bonner received a hands on education about how insurance companies win vehicle accident cases and turn down car crash claims. Mr. Bonner uses what he learned from working for an insurance company in how he handles each vehicle accident case.

Here is what you can expect from the Law Office of James H. Bonner:

  • Thorough investigation of the vehicle accident
  • Determination of one or more cause of the accident
  • Attribute liability to the party or parties responsible for the car crash
  • List every potential source of insurance company financial compensation
  • Address your healthcare needs
  • Account for all loses that you will include in your insurance claim

With the combination of legal skill and tenacious hard work, James H. Bonner has earned the reputation of being a personal injury law that cares for the needs of his clients. Mr. Bonner has carried the diligent attention detail he applied on the job as an Assistant District Attorney into his Pennsylvania law practice.

Experiencing a vehicle accident in Pennsylvania requires swift legal action. Speak with James H. Bonner today by calling our law office phone number at 610-450-4555 or submitting the convenient form found on this website.


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