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As a nurse, you’ve invested years in building your livelihood and reputation. It can be devastating to lose your professional license because of a single mistake.

If allegations of misconduct or criminal charges threaten your nursing career, contact nursing license defense attorney James H. Bonner, Esquire, P.C. Attorney James Bonner will work hard to protect your professional standing and defend your ability to practice.

What Could Jeopardize a Nursing Career?

Nurses have extremely demanding jobs that put their physical and mental health on the line. When you work long hours under tremendous stress, it’s easy to make mistakes in patient care, from medical prescription errors to HIPAA violations. These situations often lead to a formal complaint before the State Board of Nursing.

A criminal process could also put your career at risk, even if it has nothing to do with your work. For example, failure to report a DUI arrest or conviction, or any criminal conviction that involved using alcohol or drugs, could make you lose your license.

If you face disciplinary actions or believe your license is at risk for any reason, contact an experienced nursing license defense attorney immediately.

What Happens During a State Board of Nursing Disciplinary Process?

A disciplinary process typically starts with a formal complaint against a nurse for inappropriate or unethical behavior.

The board of nursing will review the complaint. If it falls under the board’s jurisdiction, an investigation will begin. Depending on the investigation findings, the board will close the case, issue a disciplinary action, or suggest an alternative solution. For example, nurses who struggle with substance use or mental health issues could receive a referral to the Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program (PNAP).

Disciplinary actions against nurses can range from a reprimand to license suspension or even a permanent license loss. Your chances of a favorable outcome are much better with a nursing license defense lawyer on your side.

Why Work With James Bonner, P.C.

James “Jim” Bonner is a professional license and criminal defense lawyer who can provide the well-rounded legal strategy you need to safeguard your reputation and license. With plenty of experience in license defense, Attorney James Bonner knows how to examine the evidence against you and stand up for your interests throughout board proceedings.

Nurses, doctors, and other professionals appreciate James Bonner for his knowledge, thoroughness, excellent communication, and high level of attention to every case. Attorney Bonner can help defend your license or work to have your license reinstated if the state board suspends you from practicing.

James H. Bonner, Esquire, P.C.: Helping You Defend Your Nursing License

Is your nursing career in danger because of misconduct allegations, a criminal case, or failed drug testing? Contact James H. Bonner, Esquire, P.C. Attorney James Bonner has experience in different types of nursing license defense cases and will provide a custom-tailored legal strategy to help protect your career.

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