Why Hire James “Jim” Bonner?

The Right Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Representation for You

You probably know that if you’ve been charged with a crime or are pursuing compensation in the wake of an injury, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced attorney. The rules of both criminal and civil procedure are complex, and it’s easy for an inexperienced layperson to make critical errors—errors that could result in conviction or loss of claims.

However, choosing which attorney is right for you can be more complicated. A search for a criminal defense lawyer or personal injury attorney will turn up seemingly endless results, and the sheer number of options can be daunting—especially if you’re already under stress following an injury or arrest.

But, not all law firms are created equal, and finding the right attorney matters.

How James H. Bonner, Esquire, PC is Different

The Importance of Thorough Preparation

Education, experience, commitment, and natural talent all play a role in an attorney’s success on behalf of his clients. But, there’s a fifth element that is equally critical: preparation.

James H. Bonner combines his skill and experience with hard, thorough work on behalf of his clients. He honed this diligence and attention to detail while simultaneously working full time and attending law school. Mr. Bonner has carried his commitment to careful preparation through his career as an Assistant District Attorney and into his private law practice.

It’s inviting to believe that every attorney takes each case seriously and makes a significant investment in preparation, but that isn’t always the case. Mr. Bonner believes that the only way to ensure the best possible outcome for a client is to be more prepared than opposing counsel, and he invests that effort in every single case.

Give yourself the benefits of an advocate who will fully invest in building the best case possible for you. Call attorney James H. Bonner today at 610-450-4555 or fill out the contact form on this site.

An Attorney Who Will Fight for You at Trial

The television image of an attorney is heavily centered around the courtroom, but that’s not always the reality. Most criminal cases are resolved through plea agreements and most personal injury cases are settled. Unfortunately, many attorneys count on that, and avoid taking cases to trial. That’s bad for clients in two ways.

First, and most obvious, you want to work with an attorney who will take the best approach for you and your case, not the one that best suits his or her style and preferences. That means choosing a lawyer who is ready, willing, and able to go all the way to a jury if that is in your best interest. When you’re considering hiring an attorney, it’s important to ask not just whether he or she is willing to go to trial, but also about past trial experience.

Attorney James H. Bonner thrives on trial practice. He developed a love for the trial process while still in law school, and has since tried dozens of cases to juries. You can rest assured that Mr. Bonner will make decisions based on what’s best for you and your case, and will fight for you to the end if that’s the best approach for you.

Second, and perhaps less obvious, is the fact that prosecutors and other local attorneys know whether a lawyer is prepared to go to trial or not. When your attorney is negotiating for a plea agreement or personal injury settlement, the quality of the offer you receive often depends in part on whether opposing counsel expects your lawyer to take the case to trial.

If the other side is relatively confident that your attorney isn’t prepared to go to trial and is likely to simply accept the best offer he or she can get without going to court, the incentive to make a favorable offer is low. On the other hand, an Assistant District Attorney or opposing counsel who knows your attorney will fight for the best outcome possible, and will be thoroughly prepared to do so, will often be more motivated to offer a favorable resolution.

Mr. Bonner has been trying cases in the Philadelphia area for several years, and has established a reputation as a passionate, well-prepared litigator who isn’t afraid to take a case to trial.

A Recipe for the Best Outcome Available in Your Case

Attorney James H. Bonner combines the two elements critical to pursuing the most successful outcome in a criminal defense or personal injury case: thorough preparation and a willingness to fight for you at trial.

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