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You might not consider walking down the sidewalk or going to the grocery store to be particularly dangerous activities. Unfortunately, the negligence of others can often make even the simplest of tasks into a tragedy. Thousands of people are injured every year in Pennsylvania in what are commonly known as “slip and fall” cases. These “accidents” often happen when least expected and are sometimes the result of negligence on the part of individuals other than the victim. If you’ve found yourself injured in a slip and fall case, you might be wondering how to pay your medical bills and what your best options at recovery are. An experienced personal injury attorney like James H. Bonner, Esquire, can help.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident is one where the victim trips or slips and falls as a result of the negligence of the individuals responsible for ensuring that the area in question was safe. This might be the responsibility of the property owner or that of the general manager or property manager. The specific individual at fault varies from case to case, but the cause of the accidents does not: slip and fall accidents are almost invariably the result of another individual’s failure to maintain the property involved. Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? Don’t assume that the fault lies with you. An attorney who understands Pennsylvania slip and fall law can help you best understand what happened and why you were injured as well as what your next move might be.

Where do slip and fall accidents occur?

Because the term “slip and fall” pertains to the accident but not necessarily its cause or location, slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere. You might have slipped and fallen in a grocery store due to a leaking freezer with no sign or freshly mopped floors with no indication or caution message designed to keep customers safe at all. Perhaps you were walking down the sidewalk leading from a business’s front door directly to their parking lot when you stepped on a piece of loose concrete and fell, or even slipped on ice because the business in question failed to properly salt the area. You can slip and fall in someone’s home, a business, or even on public property – chances are good that someone is responsible for keeping the area safe and that they failed in their duties, resulting in your injury.

What injuries are common in slip and fall accidents?

Depending upon the circumstances behind the fall, injuries caused by slip and fall accidents can be quite serious. Broken bones are fairly common, especially if you fell from a distance or onto a particularly hard surface. Note that it’s possible to slip and fall down stairs just as it is to slip and fall on a stable surface like the sidewalk, and injuries tend to amplify accordingly. You might suffer a sprain or a complicated break requiring surgery – it all depends upon the location and cause of the accident.

It’s important to note that even if you don’t think your fall was a particularly bad one, it’s imperative to seek medical attention right away. Some injuries aren’t immediately obvious. Some of them might not be apparent for weeks or even months after the initial accident, by which time it can be difficult to prove that the fall was the cause. Seeing a doctor right away starts the treatment process and gives you something to reference in the future should your injury manifest after some time has passed. Additionally, not all injuries are ones that you can diagnose yourself. This is especially true with head injuries, where you can feel fine but actually have a potentially deadly injury. Making the decision to see a physician after a fall is the best option for a variety of reasons.

How much money will I be able to recover in my slip and fall case?

This is a common question to have after you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. The answer depends upon several factors. First of all, did the incident lead to any missed work and lost wages? If so, you might be able to recover those losses. You should also keep any and all medical records and receipts showing exactly how much you’ve had to pay in treatment costs for your injury. These are also part of your damages, and they will be considered when the court determines how much to award you. Finally, the severity of your injuries and the degree of negligence by the responsible party.

For more information about slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania, reach out to attorney James H. Bonner, Esquire, today! He can help answer your questions and start building your case.


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